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Just 2 girls in search of the perfect leather jacket.

The year is 2018 and leather jackets are everywhere, yet, we were having trouble finding the perfect style and fit. We had very specific visions in our heads of what we wanted our jackets to look like, and we couldn’t find them anywhere. Add in Jaclyn’s lanky arms and Kate’s linebacker shoulders, and it was virtually impossible to find a jacket that actually fit us. The ones we could find, we wouldn’t been caught dead in.

There are 4 billion women in the world, so why are we all wearing 5 sizes? That just didn’t make sense to us. We knew that if we were having this problem, chances are 4 billion other women were too. A couple glasses of wine later, Carbon was born.

That night, we booked a 4 day trip to Shanghai to source materials and a tailor we could work with. 2 weeks later, we landed in Shanghai and had 60 hours to find exactly what we were looking for. 

There are 4 billion women in the world. So why are we wearing the same 5 sizes?

That just didn’t make sense to us.

We hit the ground running (literally, as time was precious) to find our unicorn. We didn’t want any tailor, we wanted one that we immediately connected with, trusted, and one that we could support. Plus, they needed to source us the best quality leather. And if they could make us a couple of samples within our tight turn around window, bonus.

We met with a few tailors, and nothing really clicked. There were a lot of ‘what-ifs’, quality concerns, and language barriers; neither of us speak Mandarin (although now we’re learning). We started sweating, literally because it was way too humid in Shanghai in May, but also because time was running out.

35 hours in to our 60 trip, we met Carrie. A 40 year old women with blue streaks in her hair, who speaks 5 languages (one of them being English), and a single Mom raising her teenage son. Her leather was good, her workmanship was even better, and 24 hours later she produced 5 leather jacket samples for us to see; all of which were exactly what we asked for. We found our Unicorn. The rest is history.