Made to Measure

Made to Measure2019-04-18T15:18:01+00:00

Do you find that your jacket sleeves are too short, or the shoulders fit a little too tight?

Don’t worry, we’ve been there too. That’s why we’ve developed a 2 step system to ensure your Carbon jacket fits perfect, every damn time.

Step 1

We take 10 measurements, including the jacket length, sleeve length, and how it actually fits your body.

Think about where you want the sleeve to actually hit your wrist (hint: it’s probably longer than you expected). Do you want your jacket to be layered on top of chunky knits, or perfectly fitted? Do you love your jackets cropped or on the longer side? We can do that.

Step 2

Next, step into the shoes of a designer.

You know that jacket you love with the zippers in all the right places? The one with the quilting and snaps you can’t get enough of? We walk you through a complete design process where you pick and choose options and design the jacket of your dreams.

Leather, liner, snaps, and belts (to name a few..) are combined to create a jacket you won’t see on anyone else.  

The perfect jacket for your perfect body. You look good on you.